Jimmy Turrell {London}


It’s difficult to know where to start with this guy, so let’s start at the beginning and see where we go… London illustrative bad boy Jimmy Turrell is a Central St Martins School of Art alumni. Articulated his own words… “he combines a love of handmade collage, drawing, screenprinting and painting alongside digital techniques. He’s presently very inspired by the Locussolus album, Hudson Mohawke, Thundercats, vintage 1930′s sowing manuals, Zdenek Ziegler and good old London Town.”

Yeh, who’s not inspired by Thundercats? Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats – hoooooooooooo!

The list of clients his work has high-fived is nothing short of an embarrassment of riches and includes… Universal Music, Nike, Lexus, Pentagram, Levis, MTV, The New Yorker, Capitol Records, Conde Nast, The New York Times, Green Peace, Frame Magazine, Kyocera, Tokion, Esquire, Dazed & Confused, XL Recordings, Channel 4, The Guardian, Spin Magazine, DC Shoes, GQ, The Times, LA Times, Newsweek, Getty, Adidas, Sony Music, Little White Lies, New York Magazine, Wired, Teenage Cancer Trust, Glastonbury Festival, The Ride, Vanity Fair, Rome Snowboards, Uniqlo… so how do you like them apples? Most people retire when their CV boasts names like those.

His blog is great and he’s got an online shop coming soon which is sure to peddle prints and the like that will be sure to pimp up the drabbest of walls. So, with no further ado, Designers Journal gives you Jimmy Turrell…

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Jimmy TurrellJimmy TurrellJimmy TurrellJimmy TurrellJimmy TurrellJimmy Turrell