Month: October 2011

This is halloween… in lights!


Happy halloween y’all! I know it’s a time of year more heartily celebrated state-side but the genius of this lightshow will not go unappreciated the world over. There’s tons more on the Californian’s ‘KJ92508’ YouTube channel here. Turn your sound on and enjoy, this is awesome!

Neo Neo {Geneva}

Awesome agencies

I love the work of Genève’s Neo Neo. It’s contemporary but with a throwback twist. Conceptual but minimal. Playful but structured and considered. Jointly led by Hoang Thuy-An and Xavier Erni, their box of tricks extends to art direction, identity, book design, magazine, brochure, stationery, posters, packaging, album covers, signage, set design, illustration, website, custom typography.  

Demian Conrad {Lausanne}

Awesome agencies

Primarily working in the culture and leisure sectors, Swiss studio Demian Conrad‘s work is stripped back to its bare essentials, finding beauty through form and relationships between elements. That’s the best way I can encapsulate their sumptuous work. “With a research-led approach, we are interested in how technologies and processes relate to form and meaning. In 2010 we developed a printing process named WROP™ in which we could create a unique random printout using an […]

Kimberley Chan {London}

Outstanding individuals

Kimberley Chan has certainly done her hard graft on the London streets. After graduating a year ago she has managed to get a handful of placements under some great talent and now currently peddling her trade at FutureBrand. One to keep an eye on for the future. Tw. @sosillee

Julian De Narvaez {Bogotá}


Born in Bogotá, Colombia, Julian De Narvaez attended the National Art Institute IUNA, Buenos Aires. Among the recognition of his work was the first National Exhibition of Illustrations by the Colombian Chamber of Books in 2008. Since ’02 his work has appeared in various media publications both in his native Colombia, Mexico and further afield, commissioned by editorial and design agencies across England, United States and south America. His stunning craftmanship and control of depth, […]

NR2154 {Copenhagen / New York}

Awesome agencies

Split either side of the Atlantic, NR2154 have a solid background in publishing but by no means leaves them short in the world of design. With beautifully manipulated typefaces, deeply thought out solutions and most delicate of sophisticated touches, NR2154 seem to have a knack of a creating cool, crisp work which stands out by its elegance.

An Unherd story about prints


After a long hard (haaard) slog building his design agency Bloodybigspider into a successful business with some great clients (Ernst & Young and YMCA to name a couple), Stephen Holmes escaped south London, moving shop to a nice studio on Old Street where he now calls home. Over the years, as many of us have, he’d often come up with ideas and concepts he’d think were great, but just weren’t appropriate for clients and so, […]

Round {Melbourne}

Awesome agencies

Melbourne’s own Round produce work that has been consistently recognised over the last 7 years with countless awards for their creativity and willingness to relentlessly push boundries. To say these guys are simply on-trend would be doing them an enormous injustice, they are way ahead of that, riding the curve with wholly original outcomes that both engage and inspire whatever the application. A truly awesome agency…