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Favourites of the Journal, The Allotment, have just completed a delightful rebrand of screen writers agent Valerie Hoskins Associates.

Says the Allotment;
“We created a proposition based around putting ‘Words into action’. The idea reflects their very personal, hands-on and all action approach to brokering transactions of script’s and books into movies and films. The ‘clapper-book’ logotype becomes a visual cue for a series of ‘snippets’ of dialogue taken from a wide range of their writers scripts. We carefully re-purposed the words to become witty messaging on communication pieces and to reflect personality traits of the VHA team. The language demonstrates the diversity of the writing talent on offer allowing the team to promote and cross-sell indirectly through their brand. We also devised and directed a series of short films where we asked a number of their writers to sum up VHA based on their experiences.”

Overall the solution is thoughful and elegant, the process and rationalle as enjoyable as the outcome and the Mark itself is classic and timeless, entirely suitable and superbly implemented. Lovely, understated, provoking.

Valerie Hoskins

VHA from The Allotment Brand Design on Vimeo.

Valerie HoskinsValerie HoskinsValerie Hoskins

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