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First impressions

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In a world increasingly obsessed with image, the pressure on ones appearance has never been greater. First impressions seem to count for everything so it’s no wonder if someone suffers from skin problems their confidence will take a downward turn. D.Thomas is a London-based, leading UK a skincare brand specialising in problem skin. The work of the clinic can alleviate and cure many skin issues from acne to pigmentation. Non invasive, the treatments centre around a series […]

A face-to-face approach


Are you the type of person who walks around seeing faces in the everyday? Well if so, chances are you’re a ‘happy’ type of person and if people are happy, they are more productive at work (so the research and studies tell us). The latest offering from London based SomeOne is a brand strategy, for Personal Group, one of the UK’s leading brands in employee benefits, which focussed around ‘Work Happy’ – a mantra that neatly distills the core idea.

SomeOne’s final charge for 2013


Yeh, so, firstly a small apology, beloved readers. We’ve been a bit quiet of late. And by of late we mean last few months. No real reason other than life just takes over sometimes and it so happens for the three of us that throw this site together lovingly dedicate our time to curate content, lives just went wild simultaneously at our different corners of the globe. Well the good news is this; we’ll be back, […]

Pop goes SomeOne


Ok ok, it’s pretty well known that here at DJ we’ve been seduced by the somewhat wicked touch of the dastardly designers at SomeOne. It’s for many reasons; we love their thinking and their work, on the whole, and their approach is a little bit different, which we appreciate. So they slapped a smile all over our chops with this new branding for WorldPay, “the UK’s top payments provider” and a “bit of a global giant”. A […]

SomeOne’s all seeing idea


Jeepers, creepers, it’s been a while since we’ve had a our fill of SomeOne brand-hugs so, always ones to duly oblige, SomeOne have come running, arms open though insisting on being big spoon. The product of several months work, the chaps and chapettes at SomeOne towers have created an adaptive new visual identity for a new visually-led advertising agency, BigEyes, based in Victoria, London. The new agency is called BigEyes due to their visually-led approach to […]

More pictograms than you can shake a javelin at


It’s been suspiciously quiet on the SomeOne front so far this year after a flurry of big launches at the back end of last year. But concern yourself no more brand fans, they’re back with a bang and an explosive new identity for British Athletics. Seizing on possibly the highest profile UK Athletics has enjoyed in many a year, what with those few weeks that happened in the summer and that, they identified a need to […]

SomeOne’s pretty polly


A week or so ago, whilst writing up a SomeOne new release, our rhetoric included the line ‘another week, another SomeOne launch‘. I said that in jest, at the time. But here we are, literally, another week and, yes, another big SomeOne launch (and it’s only Monday). So, come fly with SomeOne and behold, their latest endowment to the world – Stelios-backed low-cost African airline FastJet, who launch their maiden flights from east Africa at the […]

SomeOne Weve a good yarn


So, here we go again, namely another big launch sewn up from the trigger happy gun slingers at SomeOne. This time they’ve turned their hand to a spot of telecoms branding, what with it being all the rage this week. Enter Weve (exit the apostrophe autocorrect insists on slapping in). Weve is the big joint venture, bringing together the UK’s three big hitting mobile network operators, namely EE, Telefonica UK and Vodafone UK. It bills itself as […]