A face-to-face approach


Are you the type of person who walks around seeing faces in the everyday? Well if so, chances are you’re a ‘happy’ type of person and if people are happy, they are more productive at work (so the research and studies tell us).

The latest offering from London based SomeOne is a brand strategy, for Personal Group, one of the UK’s leading brands in employee benefits, which focussed around ‘Work Happy’ – a mantra that neatly distills the core idea.

A completely fresh approach was needed not only to refocus the group around one thought, but also to align the various sub-brands, platforms and divisions that the group worked with.

David Law, Executive Creative Director of SomeOne notes “When you look at the sector as a whole, it feels very sales-led. Lots of bright colours and faces of young people having lots of fun — in a nutshell, not very customer led. Personal Group’s identity needed to be a bold statement for the industry but also simple, clear and accessible to land the idea of ‘Work Happy’ with employers and employees across the UK.”

The smile becomes an integral part of the brand world, appearing also in the word mark for Hapi,Personal Group’s engagement platform and as an ownable element in the extensive icon library for the different services.

Personally the use of the yellow and finding these smiling faces in the everyday really does fill me with a warmth inside. True, we have seen an increasing trend with ‘face making’ logos that said, the slick animation of the icons together with the simplisity approach really does feel right for the sector which is in much needed of an overhaul.



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