10,000 lakes / 10,000 logos


Nicole Meyer awoke from her slumber and gazed upon an overcast Tuesday in Minneapolis with an epiphany* – lake logos have a tendency to be, well, fairly ugly, let’s brand the crap out of them! Yes a true lightbulb moment if ever there was one. Anyhoo, she set about an epic life adventure to rethink what they could be. One Minnesota Lake. One Logo. Every day… Genius, spectacular and thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyable.

Says Meyer, “Should only take a little over 27 years to hit ’em all. Stay tuned and enjoy.” So, to recap – 10,000 Minnesota lakes, 10,000 logos. Strap in, because there are some really beautiful logos, Marks and type already in the collection. When it’s done, this will be quite some amazing catalogue, an incredible commitment but no doubt and surely remarkably rewarding if Meyer can stick with it. We’ll stay tuned with interest.

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*I speculate, these are unconfirmed reports and quite frankly, shoddy journalism.

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