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Profiles — Mike Rigby {Interbrand Australia}


It’s been a while since our last profile so we’re thrilled to be back with a chat with a much sought after modern day hero of design. He’s a young chap yet his career has already packed a basket load of finery in the last few years; most recently his journey has led him across the world to take up his first Creative Director role at Interbrand Australia. With Australia’s flourishing design industry we were […]

James Kape {Sydney}

LWC / Outstanding individuals

James Kape is a New York based designer so a slight cheat this week but the boy does hail from Sydney, Australia. He focuses primarily on branding, print and web design. James is inspired by refined design, typography and photography. He approaches each project with interest and enthusiasm, always striving to create something both visually effective and appropriate for its intended audience. A perfect candidate to join our troop of outstanding individuals me thinks.

Sam Pemberton {Sydney}

LWC / Outstanding individuals

Sam Pemberton has a truly impressive portfolio of projects under his belt, that’s for sure. From branding an entire city to the redesign of the iconic woolmark, not to mention involvement in the AGDA including recently designing their collateral for them. Wow, move over Superman… there is a new hero in town. Currently working out of Sydney, Sam’s portfolio has recently made its awaited debut onto the world wide web; here is a tantalising tit […]

Swearwords {Melbourne}

Awesome agencies / LWC

They have a blog dedicated to bikes, they brand their own pencils, they review tasty restaurants and new beers, they blog about typography and create their own software AND they design beautifully effective web, print and packaging… phew… take a breath will you. Swearwords are based over in Melbourne and recently did me the honour of filling my inbox with juicy new design work hot off their press. If the above isn’t enough to shower […]

The Creative Method {Sydney}

Awesome agencies / LWC

The Creative Method assure us that if we give them a great story, they will create a great brand. Nice story! Based over on the sunny side, Sydney, Australia, TCM’s story started back in 2005, seven years later they have a fine portfolio of great brands under their belt, including a few very fine wines. Their aim is to stay small and lets be honest, when you can no longer fit everyone’s face on the […]

Luke Woodhouse {UK-Sydney bound}

Outstanding individuals

You know someones portfolio is worth looking at when they cite applied branding to jumbo jets and spaceships as part of their skill set. Currently making his way out of the depths of the English Winter, Luke Woodhouse has (in his own words) ‘decided to try something new, in a new city, new country, and new Hemisphere.’ Something that I love to go on about is simplicity. Simplicity in an idea. Simplicity in execution. Luke […]

MaricorMaricar {Sydney / London}

Awesome agencies

Makers of Things Assorted. Animation, embroidery, design & illustration. And sometimes all at the same time. Simple… right? To be honest it looks like these twins, Maricor and Maricar Manalo are just having crazy amounts of fun simply making awesome stuff! A twin-sized studio, MaricorMaricar create hand crafted illustrations using embroidery and paper cut outs. However, it’s their work with embroidery that caught my eye. The use of such vibrant colours and patterns creating beautiful typography […]

Toko {Sydney}

Awesome agencies / LWC

This week on Cloud9 we’re in Sydney but with a little outside influence. The multi-talented Toko is the handy work of Dutch designers Eva and Michael who, in 2008, turned sunny side up with a permanent shift to Sydney. Fear not though, the rich European influence is still felt with a wonderfully playful and unexpected approach to design. Tw. @tokodesign