MaricorMaricar {Sydney / London}

Awesome agencies

Makers of Things Assorted. Animation, embroidery, design & illustration. And sometimes all at the same time. Simple… right?

To be honest it looks like these twins, Maricor and Maricar Manalo are just having crazy amounts of fun simply making awesome stuff! A twin-sized studio, MaricorMaricar create hand crafted illustrations using embroidery and paper cut outs. However, it’s their work with embroidery that caught my eye. The use of such vibrant colours and patterns creating beautiful typography that should really be this mixed up mess of 15 different colours and textures.

The girls turn their hands to seemingly everything, producing album covers, music videos, posters and exhibitions. These two are truly obsessed with lines and texture and look for patterns everywhere. Don’t forget to check out their animation work too!

Tw. @maricormaricar