Glowing season greetings from Moving Brands


‘Tis the season to be jolly… la la la la la la la la la… With most agencies slowly winding up projects with an eye on stuffing themselves with chocolatey treats and fine roast dinners, it seems Moving Brands like to break the norm and fit in one really tricky challenge to complete the year.

The tricky project in question is really their own doing.. how to top last years Seasons Greeting?

Last year saw MB create the 3D printed chocolate advent calendar which was quite a feet and has led to a few of the team now becoming experts in chocolate melting points not to mention all things liquid nitrogen and I think there was even some magical code behind it all.

So what did the MB team dream up this year I hear you ask. Well this year they have gone a lot simpler with some delightful, laser-cut card electronic ornament. Sorry, did I say simple I meant to say simpler in its execution and some what hypnotic form. Using screen-printed conductive ink these Joules contained tiny LEDs which then folded into their shapes completed a tiny electric circuit, allowing the LEDs to light up forming a glowing holiday ornament. Very clever indeed!

If you happen to be passing the MB studio in London you will see a multitude of Joules loving away.

However, if you can’t make it to London then head to their website where visitors can design a joule for the online gallery, or to be printed or laser cut to form a physical object (using more MB trickery).