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Zebra romance the stone


More handsome new work from Perth’s Zebra ~ this time much more clinical and understated than the last treat we featured (Moodmakr) ~ Gem Bar is a contemporary, boutique bar in Singapore that needed a refresh of their visual identity to reflect a recent renovation. The new interior design theme had an industrial, warehouse feel to it and the graphic elements took cues from there. Zebra developed the logo as well as the associated branded items, […]

Foreign Policy {Singapore}

Awesome agencies

Having picked up an UnderConsideration Brand New Award only last year, Foreign Policy do some incredible work. With branding at their core, where most draw the line and leave it at that with a simple Mark and stationery set, FP take a concept and literally leg it; only looking back to see the line as dot on the horizon, yonder. Their work has been published in all sorts of titles, both in print and online […]

Chan Hwee Chong {Singapore}


Meticulous and incredible concrentric illustrations of Singapore-based Chan Hwee Chong. The video was commissioned by Faber Castell to demonstrate the durability of their art pens. Stunning and amazing stuff.   Faber Castell from eric yeo on Vimeo.