Intelligent, honest recruitment and you


Overshadowed by the companies that hound you simply after that lucrative recruitment fee, making recruitment feel like it has a ‘equal’ place with the industry is a real challenge.

UK agency Forth took on that challenge and delivered a creative brand campaign that would illustrate the unique working relationship they have with their network, knowing that it’s no longer enough to say what you do, you have to prove what you say.

With collaboration as the hero, Eden Marsh, a creative recruitment agency that approaches recruitment with a uniquely honest and intelligent approach, adopted this idea and reached out to its network to create ‘Eden Marsh x You’.

Comprising of a poster campaign and an updated bespoke website, ‘Eden Marsh x You’ features artwork by a selection of designers, illustrators and art directors that were challenged to produce their own visual interpretation of collaboration using the strong Eden Marsh monochromatic colour palette, emphasised the collaborative relationships that form the basis of Eden Marsh.

Eden-Marsh Eden-Marsh2-v2 Eden-Marsh2 Eden-Marsh3 Eden-Marsh4 Eden-Marsh5 Eden-Marsh6 Eden-Marsh7 Eden-Marsh9 Eden-Marsh10 Eden-Marsh11 Eden-Marsh12 Eden-Marsh13 Eden-Marsh14 Eden-Marsh15 Eden-Marsh16