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Get up, stand up, be heard

Branding / Design

Studio Output has answered the call to arms and joined forces with a filmmaker and photographer Josh Cole in getting young people to register to vote. RizeUp is a party-neutral campaign brought to life over the course of 48 hours, following the snap UK general election announcement.

Intelligent, honest recruitment and you


Overshadowed by the companies that hound you simply after that lucrative recruitment fee, making recruitment feel like it has a ‘equal’ place with the industry is a real challenge. UK agency Forth took on that challenge and delivered a creative brand campaign that would illustrate the unique working relationship they have with their network, knowing that it’s no longer enough to say what you do, you have to prove what you say.

Bianco Footwear gets the Stupid treatment

Awesome agencies / News

In this third installment of an ongoing rebranding of Bianco Footwear, Studio Stupid teamed up with artistic duo Emilie and Matthew to created a colorful, wild and energetic season campaign. Danish studio Stupid have been working closely with Bianco to help the struggling footwear brand regain their impact among early adopters, since these consumers serve as a driver for the rest of the market.

The Allotment plays with plastic for Lucite International


The brief — instill a renewed sense of purpose, pride and empowerment across the business. Never an easy project to undertake and one that often works well internal but never translates well outside of those in the know. That said, the team at Allotment has managed to bring the project to life and also create a visual landscape that shines new light on the organisation.

YCN Studio team up with Childline


ChildLine, the UK’s free, confidential helpline and online service dedicated to children and young people, have commissioned YCN Studio to write and produce an animation to sit within the ChildLine website, offering support to young victims of sexual abuse in search of help. Many young people who try to find a way to talk about their problems describe the immense difficulty involved in “finding the words”. It was decided to focus on this insight by staging […]

AntiSpec & sons of pitches


#AntiSpec is a campaign launched earlier this summer that seeks to out those who put out calls for free logos. They had a high profile casualty in the maiden campaign when Aol owned Huffington Post sought to ‘invite’ submissions for a new divisional identity “in exchange for exposure”. Hmm. We wholeheartedly support the Antispec cause, but this led us ponder a wider picture, namely to pitch or not to pitch… In times of economic downturn […]