Ravensbourne goes elastic

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Ravensbourne is a specialist creative institution which is making an international impact with ambition and forward-thinking. Transitioning from a college to a independent University status, Ravensbourne were looking to evolve their identity to reflect these new changes.

So, what does a creative University look like? Well, the team at NB Studio’s took on that challenge with their take on a University Crest that goes far beyond the tradition.

Revisiting the idea of a crest, NB developed a simple mark that opens up in application to become a flexible framing device, brimming with energy – just like the ‘creative village’ of Ravensbourne. The mark boldly asserts the college name and sets up a system that joyfully showcases the work.

Boldness was a key theme. As a smaller specialist institution making an international impact, it’s vital that the Ravensbourne name sings out. A unique typeface was developed by Kostas Bartsokas and specially drawn for improved clarity, legibility and accessibility.

It does seem that flexible systems are somewhat a ‘trend’ at the moment, however, those that are successful have the ability to hero the brands personality. What I love about NB’s take on this is that they have championed the unique character of the place and those who attend. A modern approach with other, I suspect, establishments looking on to see the results.


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