Month: February 2012

Profiles – Michael Smith {The Allotment}


There are few agencies whose work we admire more than that of The Allotment, so when Creative Partner Michael Smith agreed to speak with us we were naturally thrilled, and immensely keen to hear what he had to say… Born in south Wales, Mike kick started his career with a student award from the International Society of Typographic Designers before heading to London. A career which to date has spanned over fifteen years and glittered […]

Jay Chapman {Melbourne}

Outstanding individuals

So you might have seen Jay Chapman on a few blogs around the interweb but I thought it was worth just another highlight. What I like about Jay’s work is the love of good quality photography and once you have that as your basis, simple design and true typography can shine. You might have come across Jay Chapman’s photography after he won the Travel section in the Monster Children Photo Album, or even a sneak […]

Everything {Auckland}

Awesome agencies / LWC

Everything are based right here in Auckland town. A small multi-talented team, their focus is strong and effective communication – similar to most – yet these guys do it in style. Their approach is characterised by highly crafted simplicity making for high visual impact. In true less is more style I shall say no more and let the work speak for itself!  

MaricorMaricar {Sydney / London}

Awesome agencies

Makers of Things Assorted. Animation, embroidery, design & illustration. And sometimes all at the same time. Simple… right? To be honest it looks like these twins, Maricor and Maricar Manalo are just having crazy amounts of fun simply making awesome stuff! A twin-sized studio, MaricorMaricar create hand crafted illustrations using embroidery and paper cut outs. However, it’s their work with embroidery that caught my eye. The use of such vibrant colours and patterns creating beautiful typography […]

Postmammal {San Francisco, CA}

Outstanding individuals

Postmammal is the pseudonym for the work of Robert Murdock, a very talented designer who’s portfolio shows an illustrative approach with clean use of typography. Robert is currently CCO at Method. “The name Postmammal is based on the notion that humans are always evolving, and are always looking for what’s next — essentially what’s beyond human.”

Ed Elliott {Worcestershire}

Outstanding individuals

Having known Ed from a young age, mainly following around his older brother in the world of music, it gives me real pleasure to list him under our Outstanding Individuals categories. Ed Elliott is an artist specialising in sculpture, however that really doesn’t describe what he creates. With interests in psychology, mythology/folklore and the human consciousness, Ed has a real sense of purpose when it comes to communication his idea which, often in a figurative […]

Coop {Melbourne}

Awesome agencies / LWC

Coop is the studio of designer Paul Marcus Fuog based over in Melbourne. They state positivity and optimism as two of their studio’s key values… this I like, therefore their wares have qualified for Cloud 9 this week. Coop are influenced by a curiosity for contemporary culture. This refreshing approach has resulted in a number of visually and conceptually interesting pieces; ensuring their work remains current and intriguing without subscribing to visual trends. @co_oponline

Shape {Manchester}

Awesome agencies

Based in Salford, Manchester, Shape‘s work spans across both digital and offline mediums. Their interesting portfolio includes web design and build, motion, video, photography, identity, catalogues, books, magazines, branding, posters as well as their own gorgeous stationery (pictured). With just 5 years of experience in the industry, these young and trendy lumberjack shirt wearing cats regale us with the visually refreshing and unexpected. Their web portfolio is fantastic, they are certainly one to watch. Tw. […]