Julian De Narvaez {Bogotá}


Born in Bogotá, Colombia, Julian De Narvaez attended the National Art Institute IUNA, Buenos Aires. Among the recognition of his work was the first National Exhibition of Illustrations by the Colombian Chamber of Books in 2008. Since ’02 his work has appeared in various media publications both in his native Colombia, Mexico and further afield, commissioned by editorial and design agencies across England, United States and south America.

His stunning craftmanship and control of depth, detail, use of colour and the construction itself is a wonderful throw back to Lewis Carroll and all those beautiful old children’s books handed down through generations – a style of hand and a twist of the sinister seldom embraced in reproduction in modern times.

The Tate, Liverpool will be showing an exhibition about the influence of Alice in Wonderland on subsequent generations of visual artists from November 4–January 29 2012. Read more about it here.

De Narvaez is currently represented in England by Folio Illustration Agency.