Month: August 2011

Murray Ballard {Brighton}

News / Photographers

Murray Ballard has released unprecedented images of the world of cryonics, which involves freezing a dead person’s body in liquid nitrogen until, proponents argue, technology has advanced enough to bring them back to life. His collection was compiled over a period of five years and magnificantly, and ofter hauntingly captures the people and stories behind the process. The process can cost anywhere between $15,000 and $100,000 if you’d like it done yourself…  

& Smith {London}

Awesome agencies

& Smith Design‘s portfolio encompasses some de~light~ful and accessible work for clients including Harvey Nics, Nescafé, Dorchester Collection and Cancer Research.  

Anna Mullin {London}

Illustrators / Outstanding individuals

Anna Mullin (aka Sneaky Raccoon) is a London based freelance Art director and graphic designer. Her outstanding portfolio incudes work for clients like Accessorize, BBC, Computer Arts, Monsoon, Nike, Print Magazine and Virgin… take a goosey: Tw. @sneakyraccoon  

Jake Stangel {San Francisco, CA}


Jake Stangle is a West Coast photographer with a passion for Karaoke. As both a commercial and documentary photographer Jake’s body of work seems to capture the essence of the subject with a hint of humor. Worth checking out his series of environment images.  

Chris Searl {Australia}


Chris Searl is a very talented man. Not only is he a founding partner, co-Editor and Photographer for one of Australia’s leading cultural art / design magazines Monster Children, he happens to be a mighty fine director. Chris’ work is definable worth checking out as well as his short films. Also as a side note take a look at Matthew Woodward who designed the site.