Month: June 2011

Design Week no more


A mainstay of our Thursday lunchtimes for almost as long as we’ve been holding a pencil, we were sorry to hear this week  the end is nigh for print editions of Design Week after 25 years. The publication will instead focus its online presence. For us, its indicative of the times and was perhaps somewhat an inevitable move. It’s a real shame though, there’s nothing like flicking through the pages over a lunchtime and sharing […]

DB Student Awards


Design Bridge have announced the winners of their student awards, loving titled The Dog’s Bollocks. Says DB: “Over the course of three days all submissions were reviewed by the whole London studio and then shortlisted for our creative directors to decide the final winners of this year’s Dog’s Bollocks.” You can read more about the judging and the criteria here. A selection of our favourite of the impressive winner’s work is shown below, {credits below […]

8000 is the new 2012


The 2012 Olympic torch prototype has been unveiled by Seb Coe, designed by acclaimed designers Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby. The symbolic design has 8,000 perforated holes, each representing one of the 8000 torch bearers. It weighs 800g and stands at 800mm tall. The triangular shape also has connotations with the three Olympic values; respect / excellence / friendship. {Images ©Getty Images / London 2010 Olympics}

Spin {London}

Awesome agencies

Spin (London) are one of those agencies that produce work that legends are made of. Vastly becoming today’s Why Not? Associates / Designers Republic, fertilizing an aura that will be studied by future generations of design students, yet they’ve probably been around longer than you think – since 1992 infact, just going about their thing. To say their work is nothing short of glorious wouldn’t be to overstate their case; both ahead of it’s time […]

Mucho {Barcelona}

Awesome agencies

With ideas a central focus it’s not surprise that Mucho founding members Marc Català and Pablo Juncadella have worked for the likes of Grafica (Madrid/Barcelona) and Pentagram (London).

Face {Harrogate}

Awesome agencies

Masters of the educational sector, Face produce memorable work full of exuberant typography and beautifully polished grids that pushes the boundries of the expected. Face are experts at creating order amongst chaos, organising the most convaluted layout into a captivating structure to guide the viewer. Their work, both identity and print, just makes sense. Both on trend and intelligent. A balance tricky to get.  

Niall McDiarmid {London}


Crossing Paths is a project by Niall McDiarmid, interest is focussed on everyday people. He takes beautiful portraits of people he finds, documenting the visually interesting as he comes accross in towns up and down the UK right there, seemingly as he found them. Their portraits are stunningly shot, the compositions are engrossing and, often, their outfits, um, off beat… Tw. @NiallMcDiarmid