Month: June 2011

D8 {Glasgow}

Awesome agencies

Cavaliers of confident design, D8 have been hard at it for nigh on 12 years, growing to a none too modestly sized team of 32 bods (in this day and age that does some doing). It’s certainly not simply luck that has afforded them such growth, their delightfully diverse portfolio is well worth giving some from your day time to. Of note is a sprinkling of fresh work for the arts and, interestingly, academic institutions, […]

StudioMakgill {Brighton}

Outstanding individuals

Studio Makgill have a fine portfolio of work that cross-discipline and clinical application of exhibition, identity, print and typeface development work. Their work is accurate and purposeful, each project flows elgantly into the next – each detail of a project seemingly poured over to create beautiful lines of design mastery. Tw. StudioMakgill  

Mash Creative {London}

Awesome agencies

Raconteurs of slick in vogue typography, modern by definition, London’s Mash Creative‘s fine collection of work is full of style and consistent application. Worth keeping an eye on how their work evolves and expands. Tw. MashCreative