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Luxury in flight

Awesome agencies

The Private Jet Centre is the only airport where executives, celebrities and high net worth individuals can land or fly from the very heart of London from their own private lounge and aircraft. Exclusivity, efficiency and convenience are essential for the audience. Arrivals take 90 seconds. Departures take 90 seconds. As part of London City Airport’s £500 million development programme and building on the recent rebrand of London City Airport, the Allotment have created a […]

Forged from natures forces

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Gin is shaking off its reputation as a grandma’s drink and the result in a surge of artisan distilleries blending distinctive flavours in every corner of the globe. So when the Allotment were approach to help develop a new craft gin brand they knew they had to do something different, after all, people don’t buy brands they buy into the story behind brands.

The Allotment plays with plastic for Lucite International


The brief — instill a renewed sense of purpose, pride and empowerment across the business. Never an easy project to undertake and one that often works well internal but never translates well outside of those in the know. That said, the team at Allotment has managed to bring the project to life and also create a visual landscape that shines new light on the organisation.