With love from Dowling Duncan


Generally, at any one moment in a day I’ll have a scribble pad on my desk, email pinging, phones ringing and twitter vociferating but occasionally, just occasionally, something cuts through the noise like a white light and it’ll make me stop to absorb. Sometimes they are large things that catch my attention, other times they come in smaller packages.

The latter arrived today courtesy of Dowling Duncan who unveiled a delightful new identity for The Boutique Life, a new online community which seeks and finds the finest independent boutique businesses in the UK that specialise in crafting bespoke products and experiences, ranging from fashion retailers and hotels to artisan producers.

DD helped develop a new name, descriptor, marque and visual identity to organising a new online presence which would become the doorway to their new venture. “We organised a team of designers, developers and wordsmiths to help us create a design toolkit which would enable The Boutique Life to approach and inspire boutique owners across the land to join and become part of their new ultimate collection.”

There are few things more satisfying than admiring a solution that is so simple, so pure, it couldn’t possibly have been anything else or exist in any other form. Timeless. Elegant. Effortless. Even down to the cute detail of the ribbon nick on the kick of the Q, the brand roundly affirmed with smart copy, the whole package is beautiful, exquisite, simple.

More reading here, appreciation shown here.

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