L is for all kinds of Lovely


London studio Build has recently launched its take on an Animal A-Z, and it’s all kinds of delightful. The colourful and charming set of prints feature a host of mammals, birds, reptiles (and a solitary crustacean), each having their way with their corresponding letter of the alphabet. Fancy the Flamingo for yourself, or if you have interest in the Iguana for a friend, the prints may even make an excellent yuletide gift.

Michael C. Place from Build said: “We’ve wanted to do a A—Z for quite a while now, each animal has been drawn in a simple, playful and bold style. Allowing the individual character traits to shine through. The set is fun and graphic, each piece complementing the others. All the prints are designed to be displayed individually, in groups or as a complete set”.

The set of 26 designs are available in seven different print sizes, and all are printed in-house at the Walthamstow-based studio. Head over to the Build shop to take a goosey gander at the whole collection > http://bybuildshop.com/