Bag of personality for startup Mucho


Pun-laden tone of voice, vibrant colours and a bunch of playful, dynamic logos is not instantly a great combination, but thankfully in the right hands it packs enough personality without one element over powering the other. Step in the guys from For The People and their experience in knowing when you have just the right combination.

The strong and distinctive tone of voice really raises this startup web and mobile platform from just another online tool to being something you want to engage with. Together with the playful animation Mucho is well on it’s way of sneaking into the heart of consumers.

Mucho allows you to do your usual weekly shopping based on healthy recipes – matched to suit you, your budget, how many people you need to feed and what sort of food you like. Ingredients are sourced from your local supermarkets and delivered straight to your door, underpinned by an algorithm that is intelligent and gets to know you. In the same way Spotify knows you don’t like Pavarotti, Mucho knows you don’t like Pavlova. It’s a smart app that has the familiarity of a local market trader combined with clever technology.

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