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BRR {Auckland}

Awesome agencies / LWC

This is a very special post to accompany a special week. As of next Tuesday I will be taking up a new full time gig at a fancy new agency and throwing myself head first into a barrel of branding and niche packaging goodness. The agency of choice is BRR, in my current home town of Auckland, New Zealand. With a strong focus on brand story and solid thinking, I might be biased, but they […]

Jamie Hoyt-Vitale {New York}

Outstanding individuals

Jamie Hoyt-Vitale, a self confessed problem solver and all round top designer, showcases her wealth of experience on her portfolio site viixii. Working within the music business and now freelancing on her own, Jamie shows a real passion for type-driven design and printing techniques.

CODO {Indianapolis, IN}

Awesome agencies

CODO are an agency that take their research and brand development very ‘hands on’. Engaging their clients and building excitement around the design process has lead to some lovely results, in particular their use of letterpress. Tw. @cododesign

Us & Them Studios {Various locations}

Awesome agencies

So how to explain Us & Them Studios, well, here goes… Located throughout the all corners of the big wide world (New York / Melbourne / Norwich / Geraldton, WA), this collective connect via the power of the interweb to maintain a strong, focused agency. Us & Them Studios are a collective who share an understanding of how their work effects people; true craftsmanship together with a passion for what they do. Their manifesto speaks […]

Tsto {Helsinki}

Awesome agencies

Full of life and passion for what they do, the six designers that make up Tsto have a real hands-on approach when it comes to their work. The numerous crafted custom typefaces are fine example of how their approach goes into every fine detail of the work they produce, no wonder they have clients from Nokia and Burton Snowboards to Warner and Universal Music. What grabs me though is Tsto’s eye for photography and then […]