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Make {Copenhagen}

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Long time lovers may remember a post from back in May 2012, when we featured NZ’s finest on tour designer Mike Collinge, taking it to the masses ~ touring his expertise around Europe. Well, it looks like he’s found a place to hang his hat, in the shape of Copenhagen design studio Make, who themselves produce top drawer treats, as evidenced by their spanking new site… “The world is our playground and we are passionate […]

Studio Dumbar {Rotterdam}

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Glorious work from Rotterdam based Studio Dumbar who’s work, incredibly includes the visual identity of the Dutch police, back in the early 90’s. Their recently relaunched site houses a body of work that amounts to a menagerie of amazing aesthetics each as inspiring and challenging as the last. As well as having Dutch roots, you can more recently find their offices in  Shanghai and Seoul with the studio having originally being founded back in 1977. Tw. @studiodumbar

Heroes – Armin Hofmann


It’s Monday, it only means one thing; and what an icon Martin Maher prolifes on this week’s Masters Monday… Armin Hofmann. Hofmann has been described as one of the most outstanding personalities in Swiss graphic design history. Along with the more well known Josef Müller Brockmann, Emil Ruder and Max Bill, Hofmann helped shape modernist-inspired graphic design beyond recognition. Without ‘The International Typographic Style’, also known as the Swiss Style of design, contemporary graphic design […]

Mike Collinge {currently nomadic}

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Hailing from Wellington, Mike’s gone on walkabout. I know, I know, tenuous, it’s an aborigine thing, but bear with us. Perhaps it’s better we think of it as more of a design pilgrimage – a pilgrimage from the ol’ Long White Cloud to Europe; Hamburg to be exact (as we type), via a scattering of Scandanavian hotspots, Mike has asked not what the design world can do for him, but what he can do for […]

Creative Inc {Dublin}

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If your work is considered good enough to be published in Angus Hyland and Steven Bateman’s Symbol book, clearly, you’re doing something right. If you’ve got three marks sitting pretty in that bad boy then it’s probably safe to give yourself a nice pat on the back. Dublin’s Creative Inc are in such a covetous position, and with a menagerie of design treats on view in their portfolio, they live by the mantra “great design is […]

Neue {Oslo}

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After last weeks trip to Stockholm Design Lab we’ve been bitten by the scandinavian bug, so we’re taking you to Norway where we’re all gooey eyed and weak at the knee’s over Oslo’s Neue. Neue encompass that typically scandinavian chic body of work and none finer than their recently D&AD Best of Year book shortlisted brand work for Visit Nordkyn.

Stockholm Design Lab {Stockholm}

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A treasure trove of treats… that’s Stockholm Design Lab… über scandinavian cool with a collection of effortless Marks and identity systems that just leave you wanting more, more, more. Their award, exhibition and publication credit roll call has been getting longer consistently since 1996. SDL say; “We experiment, build, think and rebuild. We are organized to never compromise with the end result of our work. Quality in every component is what creates the experience of the brands […]