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A drop of dutch courage


2012 was undoubtedly the year of the craft beer. With new varieties being launched left right and centre we were spoilt for choice down here in the South Pacific when it came to an evening tipple. One such beer that lept onto our shelves late last year was Cavalier Courage. While this fine blend is indeed a tasty drop it’s far from being the latest fad, the difference being this beer has a story to […]

Parallax goes Jotto


Infographics and Japanese rice wine don’t often go hand in hand, in fact this may be a virgin pairing – courtesy of Parallax Design over in Adelaide. After being knocked sideways by their wonderous branding work (featured here earlier in the year) we were tickled pink when this little gem landed in our lap. Enter Joto, Sake for the contemporary North American market. Joto is one of those lovely category shakers we all crave as designers […]

Twenty Years of Design by Famous VS


Think back to 1992, the world of graphic design was a very different place. For me it was more about making my mum birthday cards and pictures of our family to stick on the fridge. For the world, graphic communication was still dominated by print. The internet was in it’s infancy and smart phones were a mere daydream. Branding was king! The AGDA  (The Australian Graphic Design Association for the Brits) is the peak national organisation for professional […]

Symphonic Pixels {Melbourne}

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Social conscious is something us designers often consider. While our friends are doctors or teachers slowly saving the world day by day, we (or at least I do) jump at the opportunity to use design for the greater good – seems like our friends over at Symphonic Pixels have a similar approach. They are an independent design studio with a passion for creating work that effects innovative changes in the world by focusing on meaningful, […]

Famous VS {Melbourne}

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Famous Visual Services or just, Famous, if you’re colloquially inclined, are not the celebrity design divas you may have been led to believe. Oh no. In fact, they’re a spritely bunch of humble creatives with a passion for the craft and a nose for collaboration. With it’s founders having experience spanning both hemispheres, primarily New Zealand and the UK, Famous was born in 2003 not quite slap bang in between, but in Melbourne. Fast forward ten-ish years and […]

Trial and Error {Melbourne}

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Going the extra mile is a philosophy we should all aspire to, unfortunately that conflicting notion of there not being enough hours in the day sometimes gets in the way acting as a convenient excuse. Trial and Error appear to have found their way through this maze of contradictions. Not only are they designers but they are also keen observers and documenters, good but not good enough, add to that mix the odd workshops here and there and you have the complete package. […]

Studio Hi Ho {Melbourne}

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While their name may conjure up images of seven smaller than average people marching to work with shovels and picks, Studio Hi Ho are in fact team of two and as far I can tell are of average height! With big ideas, creativity and the strategy to match they have been lighting up the streets of Melbourne for a number of years now and may I say, they doing a damn fine job. I am however still hoping they at least […]

Mash {Adelaide}

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Finally, someone has spoken what we were all thinking, writing the bio on your website is not fun, it is awkward and everyone feels a tiny bit silly having to do it! Mash sum the feeling up well by liking it to putting an ad in a singles column; I whole heartedly agree. It has to be said however, that if Mash were to place that ad I am in no doubt that their door […]