Ragged Edge {London}

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Picture the scene; it’s a cold, grey October evening, outside drizzle pattering down on the single glazed windows, the wind rattling them in their meagre frames. You’ve just eat a little too much pasta and feeling tubby, your girlfriend has just left the flat for a week of night shifts thus leaving you alone, cold and helpless, faced with fending for yourself for the forthcoming few nights. (Ok so I’m feeling disproportionately sorrowful for myself, it’ll pass). Alas, however, there it ends for our dashing young hero as by chance and as fate would have it he should stumble upon the impressive and handsome portfolio belonging to London town’s own Ragged Edge. His night was thus rendered sunshine filled.

I particularly not only fell in love with the subtlety within their array of identity work, not least the wit in the London Kitchen solution, but their consistently thorough execution of the branding and joined up thinking through all media. Their identities sharp, their execution cutting. RE’s work for The Mountain Company, Grey Goose, Wine Reserve and Tribe deserve mentions as other notable highlights for me in their role call of visual honours. Harp on no more I shall… time on their site is time well filled, I’d draw you to their wonderful online and digital work too.

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