Month: May 2012

Heroes – Michael Wolff


Continuing our mini-series of design heroes, former Creative Director of The Brand Union and founder of Perth & Singapore-based studio Zebra, Martin Maher talks to us about the legendary Michael Wolff… Most designers have heard of the company Wolff Olins. Ok so that’s obvious statement of the year out of the way. We know them from their innovative and intelligent identity systems, even non-designers would acknowledge the controversy surrounding their identity for the Olympic Games. […]

We Love Inc {Auckland}

Awesome agencies / LWC

We heart, We Love Inc… and we think you probably will too. Not only have they set up their offices in my two favourite cities in the world, London and Auckland but they are producing interesting and engaging work through great collaborations. Their team of 7 includes an illustrator, digital designer, spatial designer and research specialist, proving they can turn their hands to just about anything. A great example of a flexible and collaborative approach […]

Heroes – Sean Perkins {North}


Design heroes, we all have them. Designers from the past or present that we become a little bit obsessed with. In a good way. It’s a bit like a favourite band we try and collect every piece of their work, we hunt down out of print copies of their monographs, buy posters of their work, bookmark every site that mentions them. There are plenty of books out there that feature the more well known designers, […]

Sam Pemberton {Sydney}

LWC / Outstanding individuals

Sam Pemberton has a truly impressive portfolio of projects under his belt, that’s for sure. From branding an entire city to the redesign of the iconic woolmark, not to mention involvement in the AGDA including recently designing their collateral for them. Wow, move over Superman… there is a new hero in town. Currently working out of Sydney, Sam’s portfolio has recently made its awaited debut onto the world wide web; here is a tantalising tit […]