Month: May 2012

BRR {Auckland}

Awesome agencies / LWC

This is a very special post to accompany a special week. As of next Tuesday I will be taking up a new full time gig at a fancy new agency and throwing myself head first into a barrel of branding and niche packaging goodness. The agency of choice is BRR, in my current home town of Auckland, New Zealand. With a strong focus on brand story and solid thinking, I might be biased, but they […]

Mike Collinge {currently nomadic}

Outstanding individuals

Hailing from Wellington, Mike’s gone on walkabout. I know, I know, tenuous, it’s an aborigine thing, but bear with us. Perhaps it’s better we think of it as more of a design pilgrimage – a pilgrimage from the ol’ Long White Cloud to Europe; Hamburg to be exact (as we type), via a scattering of Scandanavian hotspots, Mike has asked not what the design world can do for him, but what he can do for […]

Heroes – Ben Bos


This week’s Masters Monday, Zebra’s Martin Maher talks Ben Bos… There is one book in my collection that I always go back to for reference. It’s not a huge, casebound tome filled with hundreds of pages of clever, poetic verse and tons of pretty pictures. It’s a smallish, humble, paperback book about a Dutch designer who’s work still looks as fresh, vibrant and downright stunning today as it did when it was first created back […]

Organ Studio {Perth}

Awesome agencies / LWC

Over on the western coast of Australia, sunny Perth plays host to our Southern hemisphere agency of choice this week – Organ Studio. We love the fact that they claim to provoke curiosity with their work, in turn we were curious about that interesting name of theirs. Turns out it’s a creative take on their ability to work in harmony with their clients and network of collaborators. We’re sure by now you are curious enough […]

THIS IS Studio {London}

Awesome agencies

So you know that bit in Jerry Mcguire when Renee Zelwegger says to Tom Cruise ‘you had me at hello’ … well the moment I saw that someone at THIS IS Studio drink Malvern Water (bottled from my hometown) I was sold! It’s kinda the same. As for the work… well where do you start? THIS IS Studio appear to be able to turn their hand to just about anything, from crafting a mark to knitting […]

Heroes – F.H.K. Henrion


This week, Martin Maher talks F.H.K. Henrion (1914-1990) – a true giant of British graphic design. During a long and eventful career Henrion was not only president of the most prestigious of design organisations (AGI), he also designed some of the most powerful social posters of World War II as well as single-handedly pioneering the concept of corporate identity programs. With accolades like these, as well as many more, one would think Henrion would be […]

Cornwell {Melbourne}

Awesome agencies / LWC

Cornwell (not to be confused with Cornwall – home of the British Cornish Pasty) have a very simple recipe for creativity, one which we like the sound of. In their own words: ‘We foster a culture of creativity. This creates possibilities. This attracts talented people. Their talents flourish. The clients get exceptional work’. If these are the results then we reckon their philosophy is a pretty solid one – simples! Tw. @Cornwell  /  

Lunchtime McLovin’


Pixel Picnics has landed to liven up your end of week lunchtimes and squeeze your creative juices. So what is it? A handsome question to which the answer is thus; a social gaming platform built especially for creatives. Y’see? Just out of beta, you can expect daily challenges and mini games plus a lively weekly LIVE game (with a real life presenter) specifically targeted toward creative folk like me and thee. Played through your Twitter […]