Month: May 2011

Build {London}

Awesome agencies

London based Build‘s work is beatiful in its construction. Both geometric and abstract forms flow through their work to produce beautifully crafted outcomes and an enviable body of work that has a distinct structure. Tw. @wearebuild  

Masters of Design


Masters of Design: Logos and Identity (published 2008) complied by AdamsMorioka profiles twenty well known designers, who are recognized for the particular areas of design in which they’re profiled in the Masters series. Profiles include Pentagram trio Paula Scher, Michael Bierut, Kit Hinrichs, Michael Johnson (JohnsonBanks), , Felix Beltran, Vince Frost, Bart Crosby (Crosby Associates), Matteo Bolgna (Mucca Design), Margo Chase (Chase Design Group) and Steff Geissbulher (C&G Partners). “It’s about the methodical and analytical […]