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It’s not the winning, it’s the taking part…


Who are we kidding, we all love winning! Didn’t we all have at least one dream at uni of wrapping our hands around a Yellow Pencil and making an emotional speech thanking our mother and our pet guinea pig for their support?! Yeh maybe that’s just me but one thing is for sure… it’s awards season! The Pentwards will kick off our run of trophy handing with the ceremony taking place in Paris as we […]

The Allotment at Home


The Allotment have unveiled a new brand for diverse UK home insurance business HomeProtect. The genesis of the concept was born out of initial workshops where the notion of ‘variety’ came to the forefront – acknowledging that in order for the business to grow within a saturated, visually flavourless and highly competitive world of insurance comparison sites, the business needed to stand out and position itself as inclusive providers – regardless of personal circumstance. This was a […]

The Allotment – Partnerships Built to Last


The Allotment have completed work on the Mansell Construction (a part of Balfour Beatty plc) 2011 Annual Report. Entitled Partnerships Built to Last, the striking publication is chock-a-block full of entertaining and off-beat illustration, created in-house by the Allotment guys themselves. To fill you in, if you’re not too familiar with Mansell, they turn over in excess of £800m, operating out of over 20 offices around the UK, and have a workforce of around 2,000. Their focus […]