The power of words

Illustrators / Publishing

When a designer, writer and illustrator combine to help out a great cause, the result is an emotional and compelling story, beautifully crafted.

Designer Michael Smith of Clout Branding, illustrator Peter Reynolds and writer Scott Perry have combined to help set up a fundraising campaign that they hope will raise £20,000 for childhood literacy charity Doorstep Library. At the heart of the campaign is a beautifully illustrated fable-like story that reflects the work of the charity.

The charity teaches young children – from low-income families on some of London’s most impoverished estates – to read. They begin, quite literally, by reading stories on the doorstep. Better literacy equates to improved performance at school and better life chances – the charity can tell many stories of lives changed immeasurably for the better.

Donations to the fund can be made here

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