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Heroes – Robert Brownjohn


There aren’t that many characters in the history of graphic design that could be compared to rock ‘n’ roll stars, says Martin Maher in this weeks installment of Masters Monday. Sure there have been the likes of David Carson, Peter Saville and Stefan Sagmeister but these chaps pale in comparison to one Mr Robert Brownjohn, a man so cool even the Rolling Stones wanted to hang with him. He lived fast and he died young […]

Heroes – Armin Hofmann


It’s Monday, it only means one thing; and what an icon Martin Maher prolifes on this week’s Masters Monday… Armin Hofmann. Hofmann has been described as one of the most outstanding personalities in Swiss graphic design history. Along with the more well known Josef Müller Brockmann, Emil Ruder and Max Bill, Hofmann helped shape modernist-inspired graphic design beyond recognition. Without ‘The International Typographic Style’, also known as the Swiss Style of design, contemporary graphic design […]

Heroes – Ben Bos


This week’s Masters Monday, Zebra’s Martin Maher talks Ben Bos… There is one book in my collection that I always go back to for reference. It’s not a huge, casebound tome filled with hundreds of pages of clever, poetic verse and tons of pretty pictures. It’s a smallish, humble, paperback book about a Dutch designer who’s work still looks as fresh, vibrant and downright stunning today as it did when it was first created back […]

Heroes – F.H.K. Henrion


This week, Martin Maher talks F.H.K. Henrion (1914-1990) – a true giant of British graphic design. During a long and eventful career Henrion was not only president of the most prestigious of design organisations (AGI), he also designed some of the most powerful social posters of World War II as well as single-handedly pioneering the concept of corporate identity programs. With accolades like these, as well as many more, one would think Henrion would be […]

Heroes – Sean Perkins {North}


Design heroes, we all have them. Designers from the past or present that we become a little bit obsessed with. In a good way. It’s a bit like a favourite band we try and collect every piece of their work, we hunt down out of print copies of their monographs, buy posters of their work, bookmark every site that mentions them. There are plenty of books out there that feature the more well known designers, […]

Profiles – Martin Maher {Zebra}


Following on from our chat with Creative Partner of The Allotment, Michael Smith, we’re thrilled to profile Martin Maher, the co-founder and Creative Director of Zebra, a brand communications agency with offices in Singapore and Perth, Australia. Martin studied design at Salisbury College of Art before moving to London where he worked at several agencies in the capital before making the move to Asia in 2000. He was Creative Director at The Brand Union in Singapore where […]

Zebra {Perth}

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To kick start 2012 here on Cloud 9 we have some tasty southern hemisphere treats offered up by Zebra. Based in Perth, Australia (and Singapore, shhhh), Zebra are all about the three C’s; culture, creativity and craft grounded in the foundations of a strong idea. Tw. @madebyzebra Post by Long White Cloud.