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Watson & Co. {New York}

Awesome agencies

Excelling in a primarily fashion based sphere, Waston & Co., describe themselves as a one stop creative shop “designing brands from the ground up, helping companies present themselves better.” It’s an understated philosophy that, combined with subtleties through type, form, imagery and splashes of colour, conspires to devise the sophisticated and the sublime. Tw. Waston_and_Co  

Young Jerks {Brooklyn, NY}

Outstanding individuals

Sweet type from Brooklyn designer Dan Cassaro, known to some (but probably not his Mum) as Young Jerks. Nicely put; he puts words on paper so that they might be accountable for themselves. His handy work is available in poster, logo, book and even font form and his blog isn’t too shabby neither, and while you’re there, he’s involved in the rather eye catching 50and50 Project. Cassaro spoke at this year’s Weapons of Mass Creation […]

Us & Them Studios {Various locations}

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So how to explain Us & Them Studios, well, here goes… Located throughout the all corners of the big wide world (New York / Melbourne / Norwich / Geraldton, WA), this collective connect via the power of the interweb to maintain a strong, focused agency. Us & Them Studios are a collective who share an understanding of how their work effects people; true craftsmanship together with a passion for what they do. Their manifesto speaks […]

Base {Various locations}

Awesome agencies

With offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Santiago, Brussels and New York, Base are hardly the smallest operation we’ve featured, but their work is so eclectic, interesting and often surprising that we couldn’t not feature them. Base’s past and present clients include Adidas, BeTV, Bozar/The Palais des Beaux-Arts Brussels, Camper, La Casa Encendida, Chanel, the European Socialist Party, Gagosian Gallery, The Grand Palais, Gwangju Biennale, Kiki de Montparnasse, Kipling, Loewe, The Miami Art Museum, Milk Studios, Missing […]

Dana Tanamachi {Brooklyn}


I think you might just enjoy this one. Texas-born Brooklyn-adopted Dana Tanamachi is a hugely talented typographer. But more than that, she has etched a remarkable name for herself producing work of sheer beauty and originality in chalk, working for clients as West Elm, Rugby Ralph Lauren, Google, The Ace Hotel, Adidas, EveryDay with Rachael Ray, Harper Collins UK, and Garden & Gun Magazine. Originally moving from The Lone Star State to make her name […]

NR2154 {Copenhagen / New York}

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Split either side of the Atlantic, NR2154 have a solid background in publishing but by no means leaves them short in the world of design. With beautifully manipulated typefaces, deeply thought out solutions and most delicate of sophisticated touches, NR2154 seem to have a knack of a creating cool, crisp work which stands out by its elegance.