Base {Various locations}

Awesome agencies

With offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Santiago, Brussels and New York, Base are hardly the smallest operation we’ve featured, but their work is so eclectic, interesting and often surprising that we couldn’t not feature them.

Base’s past and present clients include Adidas, BeTV, Bozar/The Palais des Beaux-Arts Brussels, Camper, La Casa Encendida, Chanel, the European Socialist Party, Gagosian Gallery, The Grand Palais, Gwangju Biennale, Kiki de Montparnasse, Kipling, Loewe, The Miami Art Museum, Milk Studios, Missing Children Europe, Mobistar, La Monnaie/The National Opéra of Belgium, The Museum of Modern Art, Pantone, Puma, Reina Sofia, L’Oréal, Phaidon Publishing, Revlon Professional, Kanye West, Women’secret, and Yves-Saint Laurent Beauté.

The expanse of work on their site is impressive and awesome in the extreme. Clear your schedule however, you’ll get lost in it’s depth, bredth and the acclaimed quality. The selection below barely scratches at the glorious surface.

Fb. basedesignfb and check out their blog.


Any Cerdà from BaseMOTION on Vimeo.