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Mowgli reimagined


How do you take Rudyard Kipling’s classic, together with one of Disney’s most iconic animations and retell the story to a new, young generation? Bravely London-based illustrator Robert Hunter took on this mammoth challenge and delivered a stunning, stand alone story that takes a new generation on this journey of discovery. Robert’s work is grounded in traditional drawing with a process of continue refinement and reworking till the final creation is one of true craft […]

Profiles – Gemma O’Brien {For the Love of Type}


Sydney based Gemma O’Brien is a lady with unquestionable passion and enthusiasm for what she does. A self-confessed type nerd, you could say Gemma went a little too far when she celebrated her 21st birthday by insisting everyone who came dress as their favorite typeface. This injection of energy and infectious passion Gemma demonstrates led her from the traditional forms of wooden and metal type, where she learnt her craft, into more experimental mediums; from […]

Joshua Hibbert {London}


Young London based graphic and sound designer, Joshua Hibbert plies his trade mainly in illustration, type and fashion photography. Gaining his degree at London College of Communication only last year, Joshua specialises in interactive design, developing projects such as emotive furnitures and philosophical soundscapes. Says Hibbert; “My work embraces many influences but can be described as controlled pyschedelia crossed with conceptual minimalism, i love to use a whole complex of technologies mainly digital, but i […]

Lora Zombie {St. Petersburg}


Taste the partly macabre, wholey glorious world of Russian grunge artist Lora Zombie. Having mainly plied her trade on the interweb to date, recent times have seen her break through onto the gallery scene (as far afield as Toronto and Chicago), and in doing so introduce a whole new audience to her work. Check out the great video [at the bottom of this page] to the see girl herself in action. Tw. @LoraZombie  /  FB. […]

Young Jerks {Brooklyn, NY}

Outstanding individuals

Sweet type from Brooklyn designer Dan Cassaro, known to some (but probably not his Mum) as Young Jerks. Nicely put; he puts words on paper so that they might be accountable for themselves. His handy work is available in poster, logo, book and even font form and his blog isn’t too shabby neither, and while you’re there, he’s involved in the rather eye catching 50and50 Project. Cassaro spoke at this year’s Weapons of Mass Creation […]

Spencer Harrison {Melbourne}


Illustrator slash typographer pimp Spencer Harrison has an embarrassment of award riches. His work has been both published and exhibited and he’s spent time around the illuminati by way of a placement at design demi-gods Pentagram. But enough preamble; behold, bask in the glory of oddly dark his world… Tw. @spenceroni