Mowgli reimagined


How do you take Rudyard Kipling’s classic, together with one of Disney’s most iconic animations and retell the story to a new, young generation? Bravely London-based illustrator Robert Hunter took on this mammoth challenge and delivered a stunning, stand alone story that takes a new generation on this journey of discovery.

Robert’s work is grounded in traditional drawing with a process of continue refinement and reworking till the final creation is one of true craft and perfectly captured detail.

From the way Robert approaches the project through to unique colour palettes he uses, there is so much to like about his work. As well designing the illustrations, Robert has also retold the story in his own words. Some serious talent.

Robert_Hunter_Jungle_Book_DPS1_web Robert_Hunter_Jungle_Book_DPS2_web Robert_Hunter_Jungle_Book_DPS3_web Robert_Hunter_Jungle_Book_DPS5_webRobert_Hunter_Jungle_Book_spot_1_web