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Li, Inc. {New York}

Awesome agencies

Stunning print design from New York’s Li, Inc. whose clients in the fashion, art and beauty realm include Barneys, Guggenheim, Louis Vuitton, Vogue China, Chanel, Tasaki, Swiss Institute, H&M and Design Museum amongst others.  

Guido Daniele {Milan}


Take a second to admire the incredible colours and detail through the stunning work of italian artist and illustrator Guido Daniele. Though painting since 1968, it wasn’t until 1990 that Daniele started developing his unique body painting technique, working on many advertising campaigns, recently AT&T and World Wildlife Foundation, as well as a range of fashion events and exhibitions. Take a look through his site to see much more of both his stunning handpainting and […]

Chris Searl {Australia}


Chris Searl is a very talented man. Not only is he a founding partner, co-Editor and Photographer for one of Australia’s leading cultural art / design magazines Monster Children, he happens to be a mighty fine director. Chris’ work is definable worth checking out as well as his short films. Also as a side note take a look at Matthew Woodward who designed the site.