C&G give the V’s up

harvard clean

Chermayeff & Geismar have created a comprehensive identity system for Harvard Maintenance, a major provider of cleaning and security services.

Harvard Maintenance provides cleaning and security services for major corporate, educational, and industrial facilities across the nation. Chermayeff & Geismar designed a new identity system for the company with a logotype featuring an V extended into a check mark to emphasize reliability, efficiency, and expertise.

Whilst the new logotype set in a bold Futura doesn’t exactly break new ground, it does feel somewhat suitable for a clinical and no-nonsense industry. The exectution is straight forward and the type itself is satisfyingly well kerned.

new identityThe new logotype.identity derivativesDerivatives of the identity into sub-brands.

old and new identityThe old identity, whilst looking more inkeeping with a masthead for Vogue magazine has been given a facelift with Futura bold.


translated onto websiteweb design

The identity translates simply and with minimal fuss onto the web site.