one day for design

13th April 2011 was a exciting day in the twittersphere. It was a One Day For Design — an open, global dialogue on the meaning and future of design, and on the meaning and future of professional associations in our field. Organised by AIGA, the ‘event’ drew over 30,000 tweets from nearly 3,900 Twitterers. More than 650 hashtags were tweeted and at one point #1d4d ranked as the number-four trending hashtag on Twitter in the United States.

Below we’ve listed some of our favourite #1d4d tweets…
; designers take things apart, evaluate them & put them back together, in a different order. that is how we understand product & process #1D4D

pentagramdesign; “I tell my clients that it’s impossible to redesign anything without upsetting somebody.” David Hillman @pentagramdesign #1D4D

Signalnoise; There are those who talk about creating, and those who create. #1D4D

stuwdesigner: Wolff Olins told me that artworkers where payed more than designers because they ‘don’t enjoy what they do’ #1D4D

Signalnoise There are those who talk about creating, and those who create. #1D4D

pentagramdesign: “If you can’t find a solution, you haven’t found the problem.” John McConnell #1D4D #dag http://bit.ly/edpgXG

DavidAirey: “The best identities advance a brand.”

EldenCreative; Design is an investment, not an expense. #1D4D

migs212; “Color does not add a pleasant quality to design – it reinforces it”, Pierre Bonnard #1D4D

gelatobaby Designers create products that democratize writing; that connect people to this content & curate it.The clever monetize it #1d4d

bogusky in order to design, I first must understand. Only when I “get it”, I can I solve it. That’s goes for any problem/business #1D4D

eyesofjeremy very very true because as soon as someone knows your a graphic designer, they are like can you do this for me #1D4D

Did you participate? Was it worthwhile? Please add your comments below and you can read more here: One Day For Design