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Creative wedding invitations


Wedding season is upon is and I don’t know about you but I my shelf is full of various invitations for friends’ and family members’ big days. This got me thinking; aside from a symbol of upcoming nuptuals, a wedding invitation is a branding exercise of sorts for the happy couple. So much time is spent carefully selecting the wedding stationery and it’s such a great and unique way to stamp your personality on a […]

UK Refugee Week


BCMH have created an campaign for UK Refugee Week, an annual festival aiming to promote but mostly celebrate the positive contributions of refugees to the UK since 1951. The campaign is simply lovely. It is an original delightfully simple awareness campaign for a topic that few of us areaware of but, as the campaign highlights, deserve to recognise.  


one day for design

13th April 2011 was a exciting day in the twittersphere. It was a One Day For Design — an open, global dialogue on the meaning and future of design, and on the meaning and future of professional associations in our field. Organised by AIGA, the ‘event’ drew over 30,000 tweets from nearly 3,900 Twitterers. More than 650 hashtags were tweeted and at one point #1d4d ranked as the number-four trending hashtag on Twitter in the […]