Amy Jack {Lancashire}


Traditionally, we haven’t featured many (if any) students or graduates on DJ. No real reason (we’ve long toyed with the notion to dedicate a section for it – there’s unquestionable exceptional talent out there ripe for the picking), but then it’s not everyday work that warms our cockles pops up in our inbox. But enough of that, allow us to introduce the delightful embroidery work of The University of Central Lancashire graduate Amy Jack.

Says Amy; “I draw with with a needle and thread, making intricate and homely characters for you all to enjoy. I’m drawn to domestic art that has a use or function in the home. I like to dabble in children’s books, writing my own story and creating the characters that are in my head makes the final product more rewarding. I have attached pages from my children’s book Eliza and her rabbit Tiptoe. I hope you enjoy roaming through my work.”

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