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The Design Conference

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Two things might strike you about this design conference. Firstly, the very heavy inclusion of the word ‘The’ in its title, suggesting the only design conference you need to bother about. Secondly, based off the first point why would you ‘The’ design conference be taking place in Brisbane, Australia, hardly renown for being a hub of creativity. With a mission to deliver one of the best design conferences of 2016, the team at The Design Conference (TDC) approached this […]

Profiles – Matthew Haynes {Analogue/Digital Creative Conference}


With this weeks special announcement that Sonia Rentsch, Melbourne’s cleverest of creatives, will be presenting at this year’s Analogue/Digital Creative Conference, Designers Journal caught up with conference founder Matthew Haynes to talk baseball, standing ovations and grass roots design as he gears up for the festival season. Returning for its second year, the Analogue/Digital Creative Conference shines a spotlight on the culturally starved Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast of Australia. Largely overshadowed by the lure […]