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Studio Hi Ho {Melbourne}

Awesome agencies / LWC

While their name may conjure up images of seven smaller than average people marching to work with shovels and picks, Studio Hi Ho are in fact team of two and as far I can tell are of average height! With big ideas, creativity and the strategy to match they have been lighting up the streets of Melbourne for a number of years now and may I say, they doing a damn fine job. I am however still hoping they at least […]

Supply {Auckland}

Awesome agencies / LWC

A nice man from Supply recently took the time to email me personally and give me high fives for my blog, so in the vein of one good turn deserves another, here’s a high five right back at ya. Supply really do not need my words of praise, however, their work speaks for itself as you can see. While they can turn their clever hands to many a discipline, personally I have always admired their […]

Mash {Adelaide}

Awesome agencies

Finally, someone has spoken what we were all thinking, writing the bio on your website is not fun, it is awkward and everyone feels a tiny bit silly having to do it! Mash sum the feeling up well by liking it to putting an ad in a singles column; I whole heartedly agree. It has to be said however, that if Mash were to place that ad I am in no doubt that their door […]

Mark Gowing {Sydney}

Awesome agencies / LWC

Mark Gowing Design was founded in 1997 over on the sunny side of Sydney with the belief that great design is simple; good business with a cultural responsibility. This commitment is showcased through both corporate and arts based clients with a focus on emotional communication defined by considered design and custom typography. These founding principles are also evident through Mark’s personal involvement in the design community. He is the director and curator of EyeSaw, an […]

Motherbird {Melbourne}

Awesome agencies / LWC

I have to say, being in this here blogging business, I read a lot of agency ‘profiles’. Many baffle, some astonish and others are just fancy words strung together, however Motherbird seem to have nailed theirs. Not only do they sound interesting they also appear to understand the true function of graphic design. I’ll let you read their words for yourself but needless to say the 3 C’s are present, creative, communication and clients. Needless […]

Bradley Rogerson {Auckland}

LWC / Outstanding individuals

Bradley Rogerson is a jack of all trades, master of all. The design wizz has turned his hand to many a creative discipline over the years from directing music videos to wine packaging and website design with equally scrumptious results across the board. He currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand and focuses on freelance and contract opportunities.

Studio Alexander {Auckland}

Awesome agencies / LWC

Studio Alexander are the business, the design business that is. Pretty well thought of on this side of the globe, the Auckland based agency have a proven track record for successfully driving business forward through creativity – bridging that gap beautifully. Not only are they doing a sterling job educating business around the value of design but they are managing to stock their awards cabinet at the same time. And as if this wasn’t time […]

BRR {Auckland}

Awesome agencies / LWC

This is a very special post to accompany a special week. As of next Tuesday I will be taking up a new full time gig at a fancy new agency and throwing myself head first into a barrel of branding and niche packaging goodness. The agency of choice is BRR, in my current home town of Auckland, New Zealand. With a strong focus on brand story and solid thinking, I might be biased, but they […]