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So that was 2012, and it smelt pretty good…


Merry Christmas folks, it’s been quite a year. Definite highlights here have been all the people we’ve spoken to and gotten to know along the road; from our very first interview way back in February with the Allotment’s Michael Smith, to our most recent one a few weeks back with Nick Finney and everyone in between; Martin Maher, Scott Thomas, Matthew Haynes, Gemma O’Brien, Thomas Hunt, and the great John Lloyd; and of course the […]

Glowing season greetings from Moving Brands


‘Tis the season to be jolly… la la la la la la la la la… With most agencies slowly winding up projects with an eye on stuffing themselves with chocolatey treats and fine roast dinners, it seems Moving Brands like to break the norm and fit in one really tricky challenge to complete the year. The tricky project in question is really their own doing.. how to top last years Seasons Greeting? Last year saw […]