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Scottish-born Milan-educated illustrator come graphic designer Emily Isles began to work as graphic designer for a small publishing house called No Mad, designing city cultural guides for the creative community. That’s where she learned more about typography and grid systems, having started out with a degree in Interior Architecture.

“I dug out the typewriter from the back of a cupboard at my partner’s parent’s house in Sicily, the Lettera 22 was used by the great Italian journalist Indro Montanelli. That’s how my Italian Invention poster series was born; I love the little personal stories each items have and their meanings to Italian culture. Now that I’ve started selling them, people all over the world have written to me saying how much they love their mokas and typewriters. We use the Moka every morning, my partner has a vespa at home and I’d love to drive an Ape one day!”

The charming italian invention poster series are illustrated in pen and then scanned and coloured in Photoshop. Emily uses textures from photographs she has taken.

She’s cites her inspiration as: anything vintage and all things Italian, clocks, bicycles and typewriters, handmade objects, phrases from books (Bruno Munari and Dave Eggers leap out), diagrams, infographics, maps, architectural drawings, the photography of Alec Soth and above all simplicity. It’s lovely stuff, Emily very capable of turning her hand, but I do love those italian invention posters…

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Emily IslesEmily IslesEmily IslesEmily IslesEmily IslesEmily IslesEmily IslesEmily Isles
Emily IslesEmily Isles