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The Meringue Girls Cookbook


Well Made Studio have been getting their Merry Berrys on, courtesy of The Meringue Girls Cookbook, published by Random House. The book design itself takes its lead from the centrepiece – an enormous Rainbow Meringue Layer Cake – taking cues from this colour palette to split the sections and applying it to full colour pages for maximum impact. To add more depth and avoid flat colours, illustrator Kenn Goodall was commissioned to paint large, sumptuous […]

Handsome Spiel


New work from Liverpool’s Well Made Studio, feast your eyes on Spiel Magazine; a quarterly, independent football magazine. SPIEL is about football, football and fashion, football and music, football and art. Sometimes SPIEL is about football as art but always it is always about offering a cultural perspective of the game. Originally launched 18 months ago and with a print run of over 5,000 distributed in London and the north of England, SPIEL has built a loyal […]

Now even more Well Made


Regular friends of DJ may be familiar with Liverpool’s Mercy, one of our favourite agencies whose work we shone a light on back in April. Well, times they are a’changing over at Mercy Heights – in fact, after a decade of delivering a diverse body of work, the chaps are taking the bold leap of dividing in to two and have announced the arrival of Well Made Studio, this Yuletide. Cue trumpets. Director and co-founder Doug Kerr says “When […]