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Alexey Malina {Moscow}

Outstanding individuals

As the eyes of the world are currently on mother Russia, it only seems appropriate to take a look at what’s going on in the industry in that part of the word. So first up, some very nice projects from Alexey Malina, an studio based in Moscow, working “to create the design which forms visual demand. Studio creates memorable works and helps brands to find individuality using simple and elegant communications.” Cast your eyes on this… Tw. @alexey_malina

Irina Troitskaya {Moscow, Russia}


Great work from Russian illustrator and artist Irina Troitskaya that’s she’s brought to life through a series of characterful Russian dolls. Her portfolio is full of charm and warmth with a twist of wit and cultural heritage. Her work has been commissioned by HP, BMW, Elle, Mamas & Papas among others. Personal favourite is the work for Lonely Elk.  

Lora Zombie {St. Petersburg}


Taste the partly macabre, wholey glorious world of Russian grunge artist Lora Zombie. Having mainly plied her trade on the interweb to date, recent times have seen her break through onto the gallery scene (as far afield as Toronto and Chicago), and in doing so introduce a whole new audience to her work. Check out the great video [at the bottom of this page] to the see girl herself in action. Tw. @LoraZombie  /  FB. […]