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The motion behind the Sydney Opera House rebrand


There’s no doubt that Jørn Utzon’s distinct forms created an architectural icon that is the Sydney Opera House, so it is little wonder that the new SOH branding pays homage to its very surroundings. More interestingly the guys at Interbrand Sydney and Collider have dug deep and delivered an identity system that feels like it reveals the inner working of the building from how it was physically constructed to celebrating those forms you pass everyday […]

Profiles – Gemma O’Brien {For the Love of Type}


Sydney based Gemma O’Brien is a lady with unquestionable passion and enthusiasm for what she does. A self-confessed type nerd, you could say Gemma went a little too far when she celebrated her 21st birthday by insisting everyone who came dress as their favorite typeface. This injection of energy and infectious passion Gemma demonstrates led her from the traditional forms of wooden and metal type, where she learnt her craft, into more experimental mediums; from […]

Plenty {Buenos Aires}

Awesome agencies

Story telling is of key importance when creating motion graphics and it would seem that Plenty have it in bucket loads. Based in Argentina, Plenty have a great understanding of making that detail in their work stand out without dominating the story. I particularly love the behind the scene photographs they include on their site as you can really see the levels of texture that go into all aspects of Plenty’s work. Describing themselves as […]