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Wembley 2011 Final Logo


Radient, based in Richmond just outside of London, have designed the logo for this year’s UEFA Champions League Final to be held at Wembley. The illustration is nice, and in keeping with previous Champions League Final identities (below), though I have to say I’m not a massive fan of the typography. It seems to me they missed a trick here to produce something stunning and, to me, the type seems a bit slap-dash.

Design Matters: Logos


Compiled by Minneapolis branding consultancy Capsule, Design Matters: Logos explores the theory, processes and methods necessary to create stand out work that resonates in an increasingly competitive marketplace. “Essentially, make it meaning something. Even if the client’s line of business is completely uninspiring, find the meaning behind the service or the product. Meanng manifests everywhere…” Part of the The Design Matters 101 series (which also emcompasses Brochures, Portfolios and Packaging) Logos takes an in-depth approach allowing […]