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The claws are out for Aston Villa


Touching an English Football teams crest is often seen as somewhat of a poisoned chalice, but this hasn’t deterred the talented folk of Someone. Even more risky is the fact that the football club in question (my beloved Aston Villa) are about to be relegated out of the lucrative English Premier League, so winning over the clubs fans had never been as important. Bravery, valour, and strength have been at the Clubs heart throughout it’s […]

Liverpool students shoot for the Ballon D’raw


“Illustration and Design students need to be able to maintain a balance between having something of their own to say and also being able to talk to an existing audience; the relationship between education and commercial practice” Mike O’Shaughnessy, Senior Lecturer, Liverpool School of Art & Design. Ballon D’raw is a collaborative project between football magazine SPIEL and Liverpool School of Art & Design, which took the winners of the Ballon d’Or as a start point of an examination of the links between […]

Handsome Spiel


New work from Liverpool’s Well Made Studio, feast your eyes on Spiel Magazine; a quarterly, independent football magazine. SPIEL is about football, football and fashion, football and music, football and art. Sometimes SPIEL is about football as art but always it is always about offering a cultural perspective of the game. Originally launched 18 months ago and with a print run of over 5,000 distributed in London and the north of England, SPIEL has built a loyal […]